Lasting Impressions: Abdul Latif Al-Smoudi

Sharjah Museums ِAuthority (SMA) is proud to present the fourth annual lasting impressions exhibition at Sharjah Art Museum .Initiated in 2010, the exhibition showcases the works of outstanding local and Arab artists, who over the course of their careers have carved out a distinguished presence in the Arab contemporary cultural landscape.

This year, the exhibition will focus on the late Syrian artist Abdul Latif Al-Smoudi, and will bring together a retrospective collection of his creative work. Which represent an exceptional experience that reflects the spirit of the oriental art through its visual components. It goes in harmony with the contemporary aesthetic concepts that distinguished his experience since its early beginning. Displayed through various themes, his painting are being unveiled to art lovers and visitors at Sharjah Art Museum as part of SMA commitment of making the work of renowned artists accessible to those living in the UAE.

By showcasing Al-Smoudi's work SMA aims to highlight and profoundly recognize his outstanding efforts as he worked at the Sharjah Art Museum since its inception until he departed our world, and over the course of his career the late Syrian artist devoted most of his time and efforts his art. SMA hopes that by highlighting Al-Smoudi's unique style in its lasting Impressions exhibition , visitors will benefit from a culturally enriching experience spanning the great Syrian artist lifetime. The mutual love between the brush, the color and the place , latterly the UAE, where he lived in for almost to `quarter of a century .

Throughout his lifetime. Al Smoudi carved out a strong presence by making his own aesthetic project which constitutes an important chapter in the history of Arab contemporary art movement.