Lasting Impressions: Ismail AlRifai

The program of 'Lasting Impressions' was launched in 2010. It is a program that hosts important names of Artists in the art industry, that realized effective presence in the local and Arab Region.Thus, the Arab artist, Ismail AlRifai has been selected to be one of the lasting Impressions of the fine arts scene.

AlRifai, as a poet, novelist and fine artist, has registered an effective presence. Here, we present and integrated project where all his creative components are gathered; that is, his ability in visual narrative, to the poetics of composition, and individuality of painting style; all gathered in an artistic experience to be presented in the corridors of Sharjah Art Museum. This experience represents an expansion, development and deepening of AlRifai’s creative career that we have been following up at various phases.

We saw how the experience was embodied in his different themes and revelations, starting from the daily to the epical, from the passing by to the essential. All were put in a visual form that carries Ismail’s identity and print.