34th Annual Exhibition of Emirates Fine Arts Society

Event Date: 13/01/2016 - 21/03/2016
Location: Sharjah Art Museum
34th Annual Exhibition of Emirates Fine Arts Society

Sharjah Art Museum host annual exhibition of The Emirates Fine Arts Society to its current 34 in which the theme this year, "Noah's Ark".

This topic refers to the races, cultures and religions gathered and even animal and plant organisms, birds and inanimate in one place is the outline of the land and the United Arab Emirates exclusively, which are complementary and extensive model for other models in the history of the human experience. Including highlights of the UAE enjoys being a unique model of the state in which the coexistence achieved between more than 200 nationalities from around the world.

The theme of Noah's ark symbolizes that survive by itself is not a goal as much as a problem, because the principle of the rupture of the building, and in the future exclusion principle, and the principle of last miracle. We only history and a moment of history for how long.

Creator this year will be Emirati artist Mohammed Al Mazroui.
Mohammed Al Mazroui: artist, poet and writer,member in the Emirates Fine Arts Society the Emirates Writers Union.
His participation: Annual exhibition of thirty (Emirates Fine Arts Society, Sharjah 2014).


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Exhibition Highlights